Medical Radiography Course Outline In Nigeria

Medical Radiography Course Outline In Nigeria

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Medical Radiography Course Outline In Nigeria
Medical Radiography Course Outline In Nigeria

Are you a Radiography student? or are you planning to study Radiography in one of the accredited schools in Nigeria like UNICAL,UNN , UNIZIk, BUK, UNIMAID etc? Whichever one you’re I must applaud you for taking the bold step to study one of the most lucrative paramedical courses in Nigeria today.

What Is Medical Radiography?

Medical Radiography is a paramedic course under the faculty of Health Sciences and Technology. It is generally about ionizing radiations and how they are used medically to examine patients’ bodies to ascertain the actual structure, and condition of an ailment ( i.e diagnosis).etc.


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Radiography as a course in Nigeria is regulated by the Radiographers registration board, RRBN. They are the ones who issue out practice licenses to students to practice Radiography upon their graduation from one of the accredited universities in Nigeria.

How many Years is Radiography Studied In Nigerian University?

Radiography just like other paramedical courses in Nigeria is a 5-years course. The first year (100 Level) is for pre-clinical classes where students are tutored in basic science courses like physics, chemistry, and mathematics with some other general courses.

How Lucrative Is Radiography In Nigeria?

Medical Radiography is one of the most lucrative courses in Nigeria today with a medium salary. There is a popular saying by most medical Radiography students and graduates that ‘”No graduate of medical Radiography is unemployed”. Which when statistically accessed might be true.

Radiography Salary In Nigeria

Medical Radiography is one of the important health professions in the world today and is all about using ionizing (and non-ionizing in some cases) radiation to examine the human body in terms of diagnosis and treatment (Radiotherapy).

The profession is a noble one and their salary scales varies based on different factors like years of experience, specialization, and place of work (private sector or government).

For those working in the government sector, the minimum entrance salary is from N100,000 to N300,000 depending on your specialty, and N80,000 -N150,000 for internship students, also depending on the sector you are working in.

What Are The Types of radiography?

In radiography, there are a lot of specialties i.e where one can specialize after school or before they graduate  and most of them are;

  1. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI )
  2. CT (Computed Tomography) SCAN
  3. Ultrasonography
  4. Mammography
  5. Conventional Radiography (Normal x-ray)
  6. Medical Radiotherapy
  7. etc.

Polytechnic That Offers Radiography in Nigeria

I can tell you for free that at the time of writing this post, there is no polytechnic accredited to be offering the course, Medical Radiography in Nigeria today.

And, it’s not all federal or state universities are accredited to be offering the program currently.

List Of Universities That Is Offering Medical Radiography In Nigeria.

  1. University Of Nigeria,Nsukka (UNN)
  2. Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka (UNIZIK)
  3. University of Calabar (UNICAL)
  4. University of Maiduguri (Unimaid)
  5. Usman Danfodio University
  6. Bayero University,Kano (BUK)
  7. University of Lagos (UNILAG)

What Is Jamb Subject Combination For Medical Radiography?


Just Like every other medical and paramedical course in Nigeria, the subjects you need to write in JAMB in other to study medical Radiography are;

  • English
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics

Medical Radiography Course Outline In Nigeria

100 Level Courses

Code Title Units
CHM 101 Physical Chemistry 3
CHM 103 Basic Experimental Chemistry (physical and inorganic) 2
CHM 111 Inorganic Chemistry 3
BIO 102 Animal Forms and Functions 3
PHY 101 Introduction to Mechanics and Properties of Matter 3
PHY 102 Introduction to Heat, Wave Motion, and Matter 3
PHY 161 Basic Experimental Physics I 1
MTT 102 Elements of Algebra and Set 2
GST 111 Communication in English I 2
GST 122 Use of Library and Study Skills 2
Code Title Units
CHM 113 Chemical Laboratory (Organic) 1
CHM 121 Organic Chemistry 3
BIO 101 Plant Forms and Functions 3
BIO 104 Introduction to Genetics and Heredity 3
PHY 103 Introductory Electricity and Magnetism 3
PHY 104 Introductory Optics and Modern Physics 3
PHY 162 Basic Experimental Physics II 1
MTT 101 Elements of Calculus 2
STT 101 Elements of Statistics 2
GST 112 Logic and Critical Thinking 2
GST 113 Nigerian Peoples and Culture 2
GST 123 Information and Communication Technology 2

200 Level Courses

Code Title Units
RAD 201 Basic Physics and Electronics in Radiography 2
RAD 241 Hospital Practice and Basic Care of Patients/Professional Ethics 2
BCH-AM 211 Physical Principles and Chemistry of Biomolecules 3
ANA 211 Anatomy I 3
ANA 212 Anatomy II 3
S-PHY 201 Physiology of Essential organs I 3
S-PHY 202 Physiology Practical I 2
GST 211 Communication in English II 2
GST 221 History and Philosophy of Science 2
GST 231 Introduction to Entrepreneurial Skills 2
Code Title Units
RAD 202 Radiation Physics 2
RAD 232 Introductory Radiographic Procedures 2
RAD 233 Hospital Practice Posting 2
RAD 242 Psychology for Radiographers 2
BCH-AM 221 Metabolism of Biomolecules and Special Topics 3
ANA 221 Anatomy III 3
ANA 222 Anatomy IV 3
S-PHY 203 Physiology of Essential Organs II 3
S-PHY 204 Physiology Practicals II 2
GST 212 Philosophy and Human Existence 2
GST 224 Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution 2

300 Level Courses

Code Title Units
RAD 301 Radiation Protection/Radiobiology 3
RAD 331 Radiographic Procedures I 3
RAD 351 Radiographic Anatomy and physiology I 3
PATH 331 Introductory Pathology I 3
GST 331 Introduction to Practical Entrepreneurial Skills 2
Code Title Units
RAD 312 Radiographic Equipment Engineering I 3
RAD 322 Radiographic Imaging I 3
RAD 332 Radiographic Procedures II 3
RAD 333 Clinical Posting I 4
RAD 352 Radiographic Anatomy and physiology II 3
PATH 332 Introductory Pathology II 3

400 Level Courses

Code Title Units
RAD 411 Radiographic Equipment Engineering II 2
RAD 421 Radiographic Imaging II 2
RAD 431 Radiographic Procedures III 3
RAD 433 Clinical Posting II 4
RAD 434 Introductory Pharmacology 2
RAD 441 Radiographic Health Management 2
RAD 461 Other Imaging Modalities I 2
Code Title Units
RAD 412 Radiographic Equipment Engineering III 2
RAD 422 Radiographic Imaging III 2
RAD 432 Radiographic Procedures IV 3
RAD 435 Clinical Posting III 4
RAD 451 Biostatistics 2
RAD 462 Other Imaging Modalities II 2
RAD 492 Research Methodology 2

500 Level Courses

Code Title Units
RAD 511 Radiographic Equipment Engineering IV 2
RAD 521 Radiographic Imaging IV 2
RAD 531 Radiographic Procedures V 3
RAD 533 Clinical Posting IV 3
RAD 551 Image Critique/Pattern Recognition 2
RAD 571 Radiotherapy/Oncology I 2
RAD 591 Seminar 2
Code Title Units
RAD 512 Radiographic Equipment Engineering V 2
RAD 513 Quality Assurance 1
RAD 522 Radiographic Imaging V 2
RAD 532 Radiographic Procedures VI 3
RAD 535 Clinical Posting V 6
RAD 572 Radiotherapy/Oncology II 2
RAD 599 Final Year Project 4


University Of Nigeria Nsukka, UNN Cut Off Mark – 2022/2023

Jamb Registration 2023/2024 Starting & Ending Date


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